BAD-X - polos design (..!?)

badx-01 detail

BAD-X POLO involved me in this cool experiment >>> Semi-trasparent digital print on high quality black polo >>> Real 100% made in italy

bad-x 03 - detail upper half

Working the most on PAPER! It really happens sometime. >>> Mixed tecniques like pen, pencil, coloured markers, coloured pencils, ecoline

bad-x 03 - detail upper half

>>> Yes, moderate use of Photoshop in the last part <<<

bad-x 03 - detail upper half

>>> Closer details <<<

bad-x 03 - detail upper half

>>> QUITE realistic preview of the 3 polos <<<

bad-x 03 - detail upper half

CONAMARA PUB - t-shirt design


T-shirt designs for CONAMARA PUB irish culture / craft beer / food / drink / social / live music in Padova.


STONESHIP - illustration

Stoneship - blog

>>> Based on a well-known illustration of the spaceship Arcadia, from Captain Harlock anime. Digital tecnqiue - pen tablet and Photoshop <<<

STEFANO BONETTI - illustration


Two illustrations for STEFANO "BONNY" BONETTI merchandising at the past Tourist Throphy 2017, Isle Of Man, GB.

Stefano Bonny Bonetti 1

BEELZEBEAT - Mondotrasho >>> LP album art

Beelzebeat - Mondotrasho cover LP blog 1

LP album art for BEELZEBEAT, Grindabilly / Noise / Psychobilly / R'n'R band from ...here, Padova city, i know them, the screamer is a friend :D
The whole composition comes from a cool raw sketch, drawn and entirely conceived by the band guys >>FULL IMAGE COL>> FULL IMAGE BW

Beelzebeat - Mondotrasho cover LP blog 2


Swampgirl - blog

Black&white illustration for JILTED GENERATION CLOTHING. >>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FULL IMAGE


Evilmind - blog

Famous album cover parody for JILTED GENERATION CLOTHING. >>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FULL IMAGE

BLIND MARMOTS - Spore - cd cover illustration

Blind Marmots - CD Spore - front by nelloforesto

CD cover illustration for Blind Marmots' latest album "SPORE". >>> FRONT DETAIL <<<

MATT WALDON & the Hungry Bears - illustration

Matt Waldon & the Hungry Bears by nelloforesto

Illustration for Matt Waldon (alternative/ country/ songwriter) and his new music project coming out soon. >>>>>>> FULL IMAGE <<<<<<<<

BLIND MARMOTS - t-shirt design

Blind Marmots - blog

Ep cover illustration and t-shirt design for Blind Marmots, stoner/rock/grunge/progressive band from Padua and beyond.. >> FULL IMAGE <<

BMOVIE ITALIA - Logo and shirt design

BBmovie Italia logo restyling by nelloforesto

Logo restyling for BMOVIE ITALIA. In 3 variations + print on tee and hoodie.

Since more than 10 years, Bmovie Italia is a video production company making films, music videos, corporate videos and commercials with 2 headquarters, in Mestre (Venice) and in Rome. >>>>>>>>> SEE VIDEOS ON VIMEO.

LOCAL RESIDENT FAILURE - This Here's The Hard Part >>> LP - Album art - PEE RECORDS

In Cold Blood - A flawless escape - blog

LP cover art for LOCAL RESIDENT FAILURE, punk rock band from Newcastle, Australia. >>>>>>> AVAILABLE AT BIGCARTEL & BANDCAMP

>>>>>> FULL IMAGE >>>>>> Thanks to Pete!!! :D at PEERECORDS !!!!!!! <<<<<<

Local Resident Failure LP cover blog 2


museruola01 - blog

GOOFY ! owls.. acrylic on small canvas. >>> FULL IMAGES 1 <<< >>> FULL IMAGES 2 <<< >>> FULL IMAGES 3 <<< >>> FULL IMAGES 4 <<<

goofy - blog


museruola01 - blog

GOOFY ! owls.. acrylic on small canvas. >>> FULL IMAGES 1 <<< >>> FULL IMAGES 2 <<< >>> FULL IMAGES 3 <<< >>> FULL IMAGES 4 <<<

goofy - blog

THE BEAT LESS - Disturbia Clothing

The Beat less - blog

From "MEET THE BEATLES" >>> famous album cover photo >>> Design for DISTURBIA.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FULL IMAGE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

MYXOMATHOSIS - DIsturbia Clothing

Myxomathosys - blog

The "playboy skull" comes from an old Disturbia t-shirt / i just re-drew it for the last full black collection by DISTURBIA.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FULL IMAGE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

FOURFACE - renewed jeasnswear brand

museruola01 - blog

Logo, labeling, inner and belt embroideries, inner pocket pattern, packaging and t-shirt design for the renewed >FOURFACE< jeanswear brand.

fourface02 - blog

fourface03 - blog

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FULL IMAGE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

EL TOPO - videogame...

museruola01 - blog

EL TOPO it's an old videogame transposed on a new mysterious entertainment system under construction(???) created by >>> ISEOCOM <<< new site under construction too :) <<< Here some graphic elements and frames drawn for the game.

museruola02 - blog

Stomp the mole, whac a mole, crazy mole, it's the game where you crush mole faces in your mole infested garden. Not with a plastic hammer, not a touchpad or a balance board this time. The game console i'm talking about is based on motion sensing input technology and let users stomp those dirty moles directly on the floor, wherever you are, with your shoes on, inside a rectangular interactive area. Can't say more :D

Museruola03 - blog

JACK TORRANCE - Disturbia Clothing

Jack Torrance - blog

>>> The Shining again. This time with a Jack Nicholson/Torrance going insane portrait. New tee design for DISTURBIA Clothing.


GOZER -Disturbia Clothing

Gozer - blog

>>> It's about Gozer the Destructive, that ancient demon from 1984 Ghostbusters movie. For many many years I thought that Gozer-female was Sigourney Weaver with a strong make-up. WRONG. She's Slavitza Jovan . And then this evil entity leaves her human body and becomes the giant and amazing Gozer-Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. You know.. For many many years I thought that Gozer-Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was the Michelin's Tyres-Man . New tee design for DISTURBIA Clothing.


H.P.LOVECRAFT - Disturbia Clothing

Lovecraft - blog

>>> H.P.Lovecraft and sons portrait. A black Cthulhu behind and above. And all around. IT's everywhere, you know. HAIL CTHULUH!!!!! New tee design for DISTURBIA Clothing.

Lovecraft - blog


SKREAM X DISTURBIA - Disturbia Clothing

Skream - blog

>>> DISTURBIA Clothing teams up with SKREAM , dubstep producer and artist, for a limited edition t-shirt. This shiny design is a tribute to HAJIME SORAYAMA chromed pin-ups and it should be a sort of sound system-woman.

Total recall 02 - blog


TOTAL RECALL - Disturbia Clothing

Total recall - blog

>>> :D :D :D Questionable taste for this 1990's Total Recall themed shirt . New tee design for DISTURBIA Clothing.

Total recall 02 - blog



museruola01 - blog

Let me introduce you this italian micro publishing reality >>> MUSERUOLA EDIZIONI <<< a funny project of Ruggero Asnago (one of many - check out his site >>> erugiery.com <<<).

museruola02 - blog

Printed on random/recovered paper with random/recovered machines, a Museruola is an A3, folded till A6, containing Black&White illustrations and free drawings of a single guest.

Museruola03 - blog

IT'S SIMPLE!!! This is how it looks unfolded >>> SIDE A FULL IMAGE <<< and >>> SIDE B FULL IMAGE <<<

Designs for Abbey Dawn

Abbey Dawn01 - blog

Some simple designs for Abbey Dawn, Avril Lavigne S/S 2012 collection ♥!


Abbey Dawn02 - blog


Abbey Dawn03 - blog


Abbey Dawn02 - blog


Designs for EB private collection

Eb pics - blog

Designs for EB spring/summer private collection. Light and monochrome laser prints, soft and flamed cottons, natural colours, fabric textures.

EB pics - blog

Japanese elements>>> traditional paintings geisha in a leaves crown, Hokusai wave redrawn and watercoloured on rough paper, flying origami birds parabola from top left shoulder to down right shirt bottom, flower pattern reworked in a kefiah shape down the neck >>> WAVE IMAGE.

EB pics - blog